Sunday, November 15, 2009

We Heart Masquerade

So, my girl Janice hit celebrated her 25th birthday at midnight held at The Loof! It’s a Masquerade themed-party and the birthday girl is all-dressed up as a pretty Princess! Yes, no one can steal her thunder. It’s not about quarter-life crisis, but this is about the celebration about being young and lovin’ yourself at any age. And, laughing at yourself because life is too short to be boring (unfortunately, I’m quite boring myself). Here are some shots from last night:

It’s my party and I’ll dress as a Princess if I want to! Knowing Jan for the past almost 7 years, she’s the only person who’s crazy over themed-parties and I wasn’t surprise at her birthday costume choice.

I actually bought my mask yesterday from No. 1 Costume Costume at Aliwal St. This was the only one that fits my face properly and it left gold glitter all over my face! I like Ashley’s D-I-Y “spring onion” mask and love that lace top!!

Such camwhores! Moe Moe and I striking a pose in the very cramp “room”… it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t get our feet into the camera. Is Moe Moe grabbing my boobs?

HAHA, we’re so silly! For your information, I didn’t have a single drop of alcohol last night. But, I had two slices of pizza, Reena looks soooo cute in her “check-out-my-cute-ass” pose.

My sexy look turned constipated face. I’m impressed by my very “accurate” lense flare on Terence’s bling bling. Haha, talk about perfect placement. Why isn’t anybody wearing their masks?

That’s Ivy, our very own 93.3FM DJ (not sure what her Chinese name is)… but then again, I don’t listen to Chinese radio! Sorry. She’s the game “host” of the day.

Moe Moe couldn’t find her Venetian mask and turned up with a “Party Time” mask! Reena looks very Zorro-like in her black glittery mask.

The mask was getting very itchy. Surprise! Surprise! Ghim Khoon got the exact same mask as Reena. Fate or what? LOL… they’re both gonna kill me.

These two jokers, Marcus and Daniel came as caricature masks of THEMSELVES! I thought it was ingenious. No wonder they’re in Advertising.

Ronald (a.k.a. Prince Charming) is writing the “dares” for the game that he planned for. Ivy is helping out by folding and hosting the game. BTW, Ronald and Jan are not dating. He’s the BFF.

Let the games begin! Geetha got the first dare and Jan has to stick her head between Geetha’s boobs. You don’t wanna see the next picture unless you’re a perv! Geetha looks ultra flamboyant in her red angel wing.

Who’s the SEXY BACK! Someone has to do a striptease cum dance for the birthday girl. MUAHAHAHA. Check out the Paparazzis on the other end. I’m not revealing who’s the cute bum to protect his identity. LOL, birthday girl looks extremely thrilled. No wonder the people at The Loof thought we were throwing a Hen’s Night.

The Mass Comm gang reunion from the “Cool” cohort. Look at Nick in his Paul Frank “skulls” Pajama pants. He said, “I was looking for an excuse to wear it out of the house and I thought of pairing it with furry Crocs” I’m so glad he didn’t – instead, he came barefooted.

The three “manly” boys ordered MARGARITAS… and “peacock” Ian was proud to present his very manly, Gin and Tonic. LOL. Talk about role reversal.

Finally! It’s midnight and Jan got to blow her candles. I love her really delicious chocolate cake from Canele – I had three plates! Sshhhh. HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY,